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Scott Burns at his Retirement Party (Portland State University)


here is a video of Scott Burns at his retirement party on October 24th, 2013.

This video shows Scott shooting free throws as a part of the fund-raiser at his event. He made 10 out of 10 throws after a short warm up.


Following Scott's retirement in 2013, October 24th was officially named 'Scott Burn's Day' by the Mayor of Portland, Oregon to honor Scott's life-long commitment to education and community. After his retirement, Scott continues to be actively involved in public events and gives a variety of Geology-related lectures all over the world.


Spitsbergen: The Land of Glaciers


Lecture performed at the Nordic Northwest on May 4th, 2018 on the topic of the geology of the Spitsbergen Island.

Part of the NNW Friday Night Lecture Series.


Dr. Scott Burns

Dr. Scott Burns

Dr. Scott Burns